Residential Design

Nouvelle Associates provides Interior Designing Services for Residential Flats and Apartments in Mumbai and across India.

Commercial Design

Nouvelle associates provides Interior Designing Services for Commercial Offices and Retail outlets in Mumbai and across India.

Stall Design

Nouvelle Associates provides Stall designing and Fabrication Services for Exhibitions in Mumbai and across India.



As professionals, we see homeowners and business owners take up to two or three years to gear up to do a renovation project or to build a new home or office. There are so many questions that homeowners ask themselves:

We simplify this overwhelming process for you so you will not only find it more manageable, but you will actually enjoy it! All you need to do is take advantage of our Complimentary Design Consultation.



We are interior space planners, interior designers, and renovation contractors. So, space planning is one of our solid areas of expertise. If your project involves interior space renovation which sometimes includes adding a room, or rooms, to the existing house or office that’s our niche. We impress our Clients with our guaranteed work in right time.



As a team of Nouvelle Associate, we feel proud to provide renovation and designing services at fair price. In order to make sure about each task of our service, at beginning itself, we will provide detailed explanation and a fair estimate . Our process from gathering client’s requirements throughout implementation, every stage is involved in such a way that, clients will feel satisfied with our price and time.

Do you find interior design partner for renovate your home?


Understand needs of the client and collect all available data opinions and research


Throw the creative net wide to gather the full range of factors and influences which may contribute to the project


Include the client team in an open-minded and stimulating brainstorming process which challenges preconceptions


Refine all the ideas to data and extract the essence for the most appropiate solution


Clearly Communicate the vision for the project through design


Implement and deliver the project on time and to budget